Welcome to my website.
I'm Daxe and I make art. You can find many of my works below on this page. Higher resolution versions, sketches and more are available on my patreon!

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Discord: daxeart

album artwork

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Links to Past Projects:
Tire Pressure Reanimated
Roll for Streetwise

‚ú®commissions status: open!‚ú®

this page is currently under construction, pardon our dust!
feel free to DM via Discord or email to discuss a custom piece. By commissioning me, you are implying that you agree to my terms of service.

terms of service

By commissioning me for work, you agree to the following terms of service:I. GENERAL TERMS
I) Please provide clear references, and descriptions regarding the details of the commission. If you can, try to separate different details into different paragraphs so that the entire overview of the proposed project is not a wall of text.
II) Poor behavior or mistreatment of the artist will not tolerated, and the commission will be cancelled if such events occur throughout the process.
Please respect the artist, there is a person on the other side of the screen!

I) All payment MUST be payed upfront before the commission is started, and via PayPal or venmo in USD or converted to this currency for the agreed amount.
II) The commission payment request will be invoiced to you; stating the amount to pay, type of commission, and any important details regarding the project.

I) Work in progress will only be given if the client requests it throughout the process, or the commission price is over $75. WIPs may be provided throughout the project if the artist has some inquiries on some details.
II) Projects can take up to 3 months for completion, from start to finish. You are entitled to check in on progress at any time throughout the project.
III) Some factors may cause delay to progression, and include:
Order of Commission in Queue, Complexity of Project, or Family, Health, & Work issues
If a factor will affect the project time schedule, you will be notified of the delay ASAP.

I) I will do everything that I can to satisfy your commission requests and details, so that you, as the customer, are fully satisfied.
II) Changes required to a completed commission will affect the final product, and potentially cost more to the final price depending modification needed:
a) SMALL changes to a piece are free of charge.
(for example, colouring/marking changes, anything that will require a quick fix)
b) LARGE changes to a piece will come with an additional charge that will be calculated.
(this includes major outfit addition/subtractions, postures, backgrounds etc., basically anything that will require a large overhaul to correct.)

I) As the artist, I hold the right to cancel and refund your project at any point of the project, should the circumstances be required.
II) After payment has been received via invoice, and the project is started, full refunds are not available.
III) The commissioner is entitled to cancel the commission only if payment has not yet been sent. If such a circumstance arises, please let me know that your project is no longer required, and cancel the invoice. You do not need to tell me the reasons behind your cancellation, just that you are no longer seeking to continue the project.

The commissioner is entitled to:
I) Claim the rights of their character(s), if it belongs to them, but not the picture itself.
II) Print out, and use for personal use only.
(unless both parties have consented to a different agreement)
III) Use the art to promote themselves, with full and proper given credit to the artist.
The artist (Daxe) is entitled to:
I) Use the artwork produced to promote self on social platforms
II) Claim the rights of the artwork produced, but not necessarily the rights of depicted characters.

Quotes are valid for exactly three (3) months for a project. If you decide that you need more time to think it over, or wanted a quote for price reference, your quote will last for this long exactly. After this date is passed, you will need to recieve a new quote for your project as my rates change from time to time.
Thank you for your understanding and agreement to these terms :)

Hi! Daxe here. Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a nonbinary artist and my pronouns are he/him or they/them. this page is under construction, but basically i'm a pretty cool guy and i make art.

EMAIL: hi@daxe.art

DISCORD: Daxeart

Frequently Asked Questions

What tools do you use to make your art?
Currently, I primarily work digitally in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint, and Blender using my Wacom Cintiq. I also work in Live2d Cubism to create animations and rig my Vtuber models. When I work traditionally, I use felt tip and rapidograph pens for inking, and Holbein watercolor and gouache for painting. I occasionally use Posca markers and colored pencils on bristol.
How long have you been making art?
Drawing was something fun I have done ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, but I started diving more deeply into it starting in 2003 or so. What began as doodles in margins of notebooks was carefully cultivated over the years into the resulting art you see here!
Will you draw something for me?
Yes! Please check my commissions page for details.
How long does it take you to make art?
This varies greatly depending on the piece and how complex it is. I can spend weeks or months on the same piece, but I usually am working on multiple projects at the same time, so it might be an hour here and an hour there- other times I will work on the same piece for 11 hours straight. Typically it takes 2-3 weeks for me to complete a painting or large illustration to ensure I have adequate time away from the piece in between work sessions to be sure it is looking its best. Sometimes life happens and it takes more time, sometimes the stars align and it takes me only a few days.
Did you make the album art for glass beach?
Yes! I work closely with the band on their visual art. I've also made several merch designs, tour posters, and other graphics for them and will continue working with them on future projects.